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Jacynta Krakouer is a professional social worker and academic, employed at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) where she teaches topics in child and family welfare and social work practice with Indigenous Australians. She is currently undertaking doctoral research in the topic of Indigenous cultural connection in out-of-home care contexts in Victoria. Prior to this role she was a Graduate Research Fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) where she worked on evaluation and research projects about Indigenous early childhood education, STEM education and the educational needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Prior to commencing her research role at ACER in 2016, Jacynta worked as a social worker in the child and family welfare field, predominately working as a Case Worker with Aboriginal families, children and their carers at the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA). Jacynta now sits on multiple teaching and learning committees at the University of Melbourne. She is also a member of the Home Stretch Expert Advisory Group who provide advice, recommendations and feedback on the development and implementation of the Home Stretch (extended care) initiative to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Professional Details

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Social Work, University of Melbourne (current)
  • Master of Social Policy, University of Melbourne
  • Master of Social Work, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology), University of Melbourne

Area of Expertise

  • Indigenous cultural connection
  • Indigenous child and family welfare
  • Child and family welfare
  • Social work practice with Indigenous Australians


  • Secretariat for National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC)
  • Member of the Home Stretch Expert Advisory Group
  • Member of the University of Melbourne Department of Social Work Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Member of the University of Melbourne Faculty of MDHS Indigenous Community of Practice


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