Emily Munro-Harrison

Re-storying place, connection and belonging: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people making space and creating futures in Narrm

Photo of Emily Munro-Harrison


Using qualitative, ethnographic methods, this thesis explores the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are adaptive, dynamic and active in contributing to and making culture and belonging in communities across Narrm (Melbourne, Australia).

Young people continue to resist deficit narratives portrayed through public discourse of what it is to be Indigenous, whilst living, restoring and re-creating their connections to culture, identity and place. In the place of Narrm, Aboriginal communities have always been active in political, health and social justice movements, and young people continue to build on, reinvent and reinterpret what it is to be part of this place, with respect to its histories, stories and futures.



School of Population and Global Health


Lowitja Institute

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