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Our staff and students come from diverse educational backgrounds and research focuses. The Centre is affiliated with respected Elders of the region, and its Strategic Advisory Committee is convened by leaders in Indigenous health and health education.

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Warwick Padgham, Senior Project Officer

About the Centre

Todd (left): PhD candidate at the Melbourne Poche Centre

The Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health provides training and development programs for emerging and established Indigenous leaders.

One of our key initiatives is to support the enrolment and graduation of Indigenous PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows in health, through initiatives like the PhD Familiarisation Program.

We are supporting the next generation of Indigenous leaders in health, the health sciences and academia.

The Centre is part of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

Dr Misty Jenkins
Melbourne Poche Ambassador, Dr Misty Jenkins, receives Young Tall Poppy Award
Greg Poche and Kay van Norton Poche

Establishment of the Centre

The Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health was founded in 2014 through the generosity of Mr Greg Poche AO and his wife Ms Kay Van Norton Poche. The Melbourne Poche Centre is the youngest centre in the POCHE Indigenous Health Network, which comprises six centres at five universities across Australia.

Launch of the Centre

This film, screened at our official launch, showcases the vision of the Centre: to promote Indigenous leadership for radically improving the health outcomes of Indigenous people in Australia.

Our Associate Centres around the world.

Associate Centres

The Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health is associated with a network of international centres, Departments and Institutes involved in Indigenous health research and student capacity development.

Associate Centres

Greg and I believe that in giving through the universities the best thing that we can do is work towards the future. Kay van Norton Poche

Mr Greg Poche's generosity is helping close the health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians by supporting vital Indigenous health research. The Poche family and over 20,000 other donors have helped the University reach $500 million in support through Believe - the Campaign for the University of Melbourne.

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