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Poche Fellows

Poche Indigenous Leadership Fellows are a select group of emerging and established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders from diverse health disciplines, including medicine, allied health, social sciences and biomedical sciences.

Experienced in their professional fields, Poche Fellows have robust, nuanced expertise across academic, policy, clinical and research roles. Enacting leadership in a myriad of ways, they are outstanding individuals with incredible knowledge, skills, interests and talents.

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Program details

The Poche Indigenous Leadership Fellows Program is designed for Indigenous early career staff with a health focus in academic, policy, clinical or research roles in Higher Education institutions, government, health delivery and community sectors.

The program brings together Fellows in a richly interconnected and interactive program, keeping a focus on the concepts of networks and collaboration. The program consists of 3 modules and works to build Fellows expertise in their areas of leadership.

Key outcomes will include:

  • Greater awareness of participant’s own leadership potential
  • Development of new insights and approaches to improve Indigenous health outcomes;
  • Richer, stronger and more diverse networks across the health sector;
  • Improved visibility, influence and agency
  • Enhanced national and international networks
  • Development of strong cohort of Poche Fellows


“To know I am now part of an amazing group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Poche Fellows is definitely life changing. The Poche Fellows Leadership Program has enabled a group of diverse scholars and health professionals to come together and share knowledge in a safe space, to enact our leadership in ways that create change for our communities.

The two-way learning from the Fellows experience is invaluable, not only from the 2019 cohort but from both 2018 and 2017 Poche Fellows. There were parts of the program that were extremely challenging, and it was daunting to know that I had to dig far deeper than I ever had before, however it was immensely rewarding not only for me, but for every other fellow and within the cohort itself.

I love that I am now part of the Poche family, to pass on this new knowledge to my community and the next generation of leaders is empowering. I can see more clearly around when and where to enact influence and change through my leadership.”

- Robyn Oxley, 2019 Fellow

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