Arwen Nikolof

Understanding why South Australian Aboriginal children and families are moving house, how this affects children’s health, social and emotional wellbeing and what support services are needed for children and families with high mobility

Photo of  Arwen Nikolof


Drawing on preliminary data collected from the Aboriginal Families Study (AFS), we have learnt that over half of the women in the study have moved two or more times in the last five years, with many moving a lot more.

The Study Follows-up 344 women and/or carers and the children, who are now aged between 6-8 years.

I’m interested in the characteristics of families and children with low and high mobility, does high mobility in families affect children’s health and social and emotional wellbeing compared to families with low mobility? How does high mobility affect children and families experiences at school, from the perspective and experiences of parents and/or carers, the school and policy makers? How can we support children and families with high mobility?



Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI)

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