Tanderrum visiting scholars program

A new initiative to build international networks and promote collaboration among Indigenous graduate and early career researchers.

Share and develop your work

Providing a scholarly and culturally safe environment in which Indigenous graduate researchers and early career researchers can engage in research, collaboration and professional development.

Visiting scholars have the opportunity to share and develop their work and participate in events across the Faculty and University.

Linked to our Indigenous Health Leadership and Indigenous Graduate Research programs, it offers important opportunities for the exchange and mobility of ideas, and sharing of experience globally.

We can also facilitate attendance at local community events and, where appropriate, more specific engagement with communities where a visiting scholar’s research may have alignment.

What's involved

  • Sharing your work

    To support the exchange and mobility of ideas, we ask that Visiting Scholars

    • Present their research to the Poche Centre’s graduate research cohort
    • Engage with the Poche Centre Leadership Program (as per negotiated)
    • Publish a short article (approx. 1500 words) for Pursuit, the University of Melbourne’s online platform that showcases the latest research and opinion from world-leading experts. This will be supported by the Poche Communications Co-ordinator.
  • A collective experience

    The Poche Centre encourages applications from two scholars from the same institution to visit for the same time period.

    This provides the opportunity to engage with greater confidence and return with a collective sense of experience.

  • Visit details

    The visiting term is up to six weeks and includes

    • return airfares
    • accommodation
    • a basic living allowance

    Longer visiting terms are available with additional costs to be covered by the visiting Scholar’s institution.

Who can apply

The Tanderrum Visiting Scholars Program is offered to confirmed (or equivalent) International Indigenous Graduate Research Candidates or very Early Career Academics (within 3 years of PhD graduation) for up to six weeks between February and November.

Applications are not currently open for this program.

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About Tanderrum

Tanderrum is a Kulin ceremony for coming together. As a diplomatic rite, it was used to grant safe passage and offer access to resources. With place as its foundation, it uses relationship and negotiation to take carriage of and safeguard Indigenous engagement.

Drawing on Tanderrum as the foundation for our work, we centre place, relationships and futures as themes for advancing Indigenous peoples’ participation and achievement in health-focused higher education and leadership.

Meet our visiting scholars