PhD student's achievements

We are so proud of our PhD students’ accomplishments!

PhD students

Congratulations to our first two Poche PhD graduates!

Dr Raelene Nixon -  Prosperity on country: How to Reposition the Social, Cultural and Economic Value of Indigenous People in the Goulburn Murray Region of Victoria

Dr Tui Crumpen - Challenges for Indigenous representative assemblies in national policy formulation: Legitimacy and efficacy of Indigenous institutions in an Australian context

Dr Nixon and Dr Crumpen will continue their change-making journeys in 2022 as Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity.

Completion seminars

Jacynta Krakouer - Understanding cultural connection for Indigenous Australians in out-of-home care contexts in Victoria
Presented on Thursday 21 October 2021

Karyn Ferguson - Gana Burrai: applying population data linkage to generate an Aboriginal maternal and infant data set in the Goulburn Murray region
Presented on Monday 23 August 2021

Sharon Atkinson-Briggs - A model of culturally-informed integration of Diabetes Education and diabetic Eye disease Screening [iDEES] in Indigenous primary care settings
Presented on Friday 7 May 2021

Shawana Andrews - Cloaked in Strength - An exploration of Aboriginal mothers' experiences of family violence and the role of cultural practice as a tool of engagement, resilience and resistance
Presented on Wednesday 19 May 2021

Confirmation seminars

Joel Liddle - New Thinking About Old Ways: A Cultural Curriculum Intervention for Improved Mental Health of Young Central Australian Aboriginal Men
Presented on 7 December 2020

Tahlia Eastman - Understanding the Mental Health Outcomes of Transgenerational Passing from an Indigenous Perspective
Presented on 10 August 2021

International collaborations

Abby-Rose Cox and Brooke Conley were the successful recipients of the Poche Indigenous PhD student International travel bursary.

Abby-Rose will travel to Canada to further her studies and engage with the First Nations Equine programs and other alternative Social and Emotional Wellbeing programs. This will strengthen her doctoral studies.

Brooke will travel to Vancouver to meet with researchers and visit rheumatology clinics located at First Nations health services in Calgary and nearby regions. Strengthening these partnerships will allow Brooke opportunities to collaborate on future research, creating international partnerships.

MDHS Indigenous Post-doctoral Fellowships

Congratulations to Karyn Ferguson and Sharon Atkinson-Briggs who began their post-doctoral research in 2021.

Congratulations to Rachel Joyce who has secured the Fellowship for 2022.

Rachel has conceptualised innovative strategies to address important questions in the breast and ovarian cancer fields and has made significant contributions to clinically impactful cancer research. Rachel will extend on her PhD research, applying it to lung cancer research during her Fellowship.

Learn more about the MDHS Indigenous Post-doctoral Fellowship.

Awards and new horizons

Congratulations to Raelene Nixon (and colleague Gwenda Freeman) on their Faculty Award for Strategic Excellence in Indigenous Education, appointed for excellence in enabling Indigenous leadership and ownership in higher education, empowering the next generation of leaders in Aboriginal health.

Congratulations to Todd Fernando who has been appointed Victoria’s Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities.

IMAGE: Top: Brooke Conley, Jacynta Krakouer, Rachel Joyce, Joanne Luke and Sharon Atkinson-Briggs.
Bottom: Emily Munro-Harrison, Karyn Ferguson, Dr Tui Crumpen, Abby-Rose Cox and Dr Raelene Nixon.

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