Poche dinner and Narrm oration

Poche dinner

As restrictions lifted and we were able to come together again, Poche hosted an end of year celebration of our PhD graduates and the Narrm Oration.

Poche PhD graduate, Dr Raelene Nixon, and graduand, Sharon Atkinson-Briggs, shared their experiences and reflections of completing a PhD. They shared the ups and downs of scholarly advancement and challenged the audience with their truths. They also reflected on their community and asked the important question: is it Doctor Aunty or Aunty Doctor?

Poche Chair, Glenn Bowes and current board members, Britt Walker and Janine Coombs attended, as well as current and past team members. We heard from Britt Walker, who shared benefactor Kay van Norton Poche’s remarks and Duncan Maskell, Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne.

Narrm oration

I ngā rā o mua is a Maori saying meaning the days of the past are in front of us, and therefore we walk into the future bringing our experiences of the past.

Poche Board member and Professor Papaarangi Reid from the University of Auckland gave the 2021 Narrm Oration on the theme of Navigating Indigenous Futures.

Marcia Langton, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, AO gave the response, echoing that it must be safe for Indigenous children to be born on Indigenous lands.

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