STRONG kids STRONG future PhD

Three-year scholarship for an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander graduate to undertake a PhD in the STRONG kids, STRONG future program.

This PhD opportunity with the Department of Paediatrics, Melbourne Medical School, is focusing on the culturally appropriate design, validation and evaluation of a measure to evaluate developmental outcomes in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Work with the team and partners to design and lead research that has a social impact and ultimately leads to improved early childhood development outcomes. The PhD research involves validation of the ASQ-Steps for Measuring Aboriginal Child Development (ASQ-STEPS).

Scholarship details

  • an annual stipend of $50,000 for three years
  • research costs, travel and conference support

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For questions about the PhD scholarship opportunity or application process, please contact Dr Anita D’Aprano.

Contact Josh Cubillo to find out how we (the Melbourne Poche Centre) support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research students.

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