Supporting emerging and established Indigenous leaders in the health sciences

Evaluating the initiatives of the Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health


This project will examine the purpose, development and impact of our Centre and the Indigenous leadership programs, exploring the benefits and informing future iterations. The project will

  • articulate the value of Indigenous-led initiatives within the academy
  • highlight Indigenous contributions to knowledge creation, and
  • examine the innovations that can occur through collaboration between universities and philanthropic support.

As part of the examination of the establishment Centre will interview people involved in its development and operations to document the history of the Centre, including its purpose, vision and aims; and to examine the role of philanthropy in Indigenous initiatives within the University sector.
In order to evaluate the Centre’s leadership and alumni programs, we will use qualitative and quantitative surveys with Poche Leadership Fellows and Alumni, and conduct a focus group.

Together, they will provide a comprehensive history and review of the Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health as well as an evaluation of its Indigenous health leadership initiatives since its establishment.

Key people

Shawana Andrews and Odette Mazel


Ethics recently approved, data collection to begin in 2022.