The Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health has set a strong foundation toward establishing a new generation of Indigenous health leaders and researchers. Based at the University of Melbourne, a global leader in higher education, we offer Indigenous-led programs that build Indigenous health leadership capital and create academic pathways for PhD and post-doctoral achievement and research impact.

Indigenous people have always had a strong knowledge economy and intellectual tradition. Interfacing with the western academy, these are assets in our work toward transforming Indigenous health and ensuring sustainable futures.


The Centre draws on tanderrum, a Kulin ceremony for coming together, as the philosophical foundation for our work. As a diplomatic rite, tanderrum was used to grant safe passage and offer access to resources. With place as its foundation, the ceremony uses relationship and negotiation to take carriage of and safeguard Indigenous engagement.

Our aim is to build local, national and international networks to support Indigenous health leadership. We work to establish ‘a rightful place’ in the academy for Indigenous intellect, scholarship and leadership.

How we work

The Melbourne Poche Centre uses place, relationships and futures as our driving themes for ensuring and to advance Indigenous peoples’ achievement in higher education and leadership in health.

We offer a suite of programs in both professional and academic spaces.

Our programs attract those who want to be change agents and key influencers across health and socio-political sectors. We offer a leadership program with an international component, pre- and post PhD pathways programs and a number of bespoke programs supporting Indigenous health PhD candidates.

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