Program updates

Leadership program

Our Indigenous Leadership Program was again interrupted by pandemic restrictions and Victorian state lockdowns. Due to the important nature of place and relationality as core experiences of the program, the Leadership program isn’t conducive to remote delivery.

We are reviewing the program in line with our five-year review and 2021 strategic planning and look forward to calling for new participants in 2022 (pending pandemic restrictions).

Alumni event

Despite the challenges of 2021, online Alumni events went ahead where possible. The webinar Writing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health: Impact and Influence Through Public Communications gave Alumni the opportunity to learn writing and pitch techniques from editors at online publications, The Conversation, Croakey and Pursuit.

Promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health narratives through public communications is just one of the ways our Leadership Alumni have impact and influence.

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Research and evaluation program

The Research and evaluation program was established in 2020 to enhance the impact and reach of our activities and strengthen our strategic goals.

We commenced two evaluations this year; Supporting emerging and established Indigenous leaders in the health sciences and Supporting doctoral pathways for Indigenous people in health.

These evaluations ensure our work continues to provide useful, dynamic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to grow their influence and networks, and mobilise an agenda for change in their field of health practice.

We’re also developing a research program that partners with local, national and international researchers, Indigenous organisations and initiatives.

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