Towards 2030

Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health Strategy

Indigenous peoples have a long intellectual tradition informed by a strong knowledge economy.

Interfacing with the western academy, Indigenous intellectual capital and scholarly excellence are assets in our work towards transforming Indigenous health and ensuring sustainable futures.

Advances in Indigenous health require strong Indigenous leadership and Indigenous-led research.

The Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health has set a strong foundation toward establishing a new generation of Indigenous leaders and researchers during its first five years under the leadership of the inaugural Director.

The next 10 years will see the Centre work towards its two strategic objectives, building executive leadership and creating academic pathways, consolidated and further developed.

Establishing a rightful place

Our aim is to build local, national and international networks to support Indigenous health leadership, and work to establish ‘a rightful place’ in the academy for Indigenous intellect and scholarship.

In the spirit of Indigenous leadership, we welcome Professor Sandra Eades AO as our new Chair and thank Emeritus Professor Glenn Bowes for his stewardship during the last six years.

The Centre continues to be governed by its Strategic Advisory Board of distinguished members from across Australia and Aotearoa and I would like to acknowledge them for their guidance.

I would also like to thank the Poche family for their commitment to Indigenous health and sustained support of the Centre.

Associate Professor Shawana Andrews, Director
Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health