2030 strategic goals

Our aim for the next 10 years is to accelerate the development of Indigenous health leadership.

Fostering the next generation of Indigenous leaders and health researchers through collaboration and participation within the global Indigenous research village.

We have two strategic objectives, Building executive leadership and Creating academic pathways. We will do this across six areas of impact:

  1. Indigenous health leadership
  2. Support academic pathways and scholarship for Indigenous Graduate Researchers
  3. Research
  4. Relationships, collaborations and engagements
  5. Communications
  6. A futures-focused vision

Bringing our strategy to life

Tanderrum provides the value base and themes for our work and its implementation.
The University of Melbourne is a vast organisation firmly grounded in western knowledge systems.

Claiming space for Indigenous intellectual endevours and navigating the complexities of the academy are important processes underlying our work.

The Centre will rely heavily on meaningful actions from Faculty leadership to support our vision. We will proactively implement the plans set out in this strategy to benefit Indigenous communities and Indigenous health.

The foundational work is complete. The future direction for the Centre and its role in the University is now clear.

Achieving our 2030 goals requires focusing resources on the Centre’s core areas and working collaboratively with the broader Faculty on other necessary actions to support Indigenous health.

We look forward to bringing these goals to life.